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                An excellent team is the foundation for success.The common values and firm belief is the power for constant surpassing.The team power creates the efficient operation and rapid growth of Helijia.

                In the cultural atmosphere of “creating wealth for the society ,creating opportunities for the staff,and creating value for the clients,”at their working posts ,the Helijia employees with the strong sense of attribution and cohesion,are devoted themselves to the work and energetically growng.While fulfilling their social value,they are creating broader space for their own development.The ambitious Helijia employees,with high enthusiasm are creating a more excellent future.

                Quality policy

                “Customer satisfaction is my pursuit”.Pursue scientific and technological innovation, provide high-quality green and green rubber products, continuously improve the quality system, and meet customer's requirements.

                Quality objectives

                Realizing zero defect is our long-term quality strategy.

                Customer complaint is zero hour our company unremitting pursuit.

                Environment policy

                Comply with laws and regulations, advocate green thought, implement pollution prevention, maintain good environment

                Environmental objectives

                We will reduce the consumption of major raw materials and ensure the discharge of pollutants

                Corporate Slogan:Pursuing excellence ,oriented to future

                Corporate Aim:Creating wealth for the society,creating opportunities for the staff,and creating value for the clients.

                Corporate Idea:Complying with the good timing,taking advantages of the geographical convenience,and creating the human conditions.