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                As an innovative-oriented enterprise, Helijia especially attaches great importance to the innovative technologies and human resources. By means of internal training and foreign cooperation, Helijia constantly builds up the opening-type core technological system and the professional talent team. The Technological Center of Helijia has established the technological and R&D cooperation relations with many institutions involved in scientific research, such as Beijing Research & Design Institute of Rubber Industry and Northwest Rubber & Plastics

                Research & Design Institute. The Technological Center uses the Moving Die Rheometer (MDR) with the CE certificate granted by EU and adopts the imported intelligent control system, which has reached the domestic and foreign advanced technological test dvantages. Through strengthening the R&D, Helijia speeds up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and promotes the development speed of new products, thus erecting a vast exchange and study platform for the personnel involved in scientific research.