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                Dezhou Helijia Rubber & Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of rubber and plastic products for Household Appliances,The company has the modern management function, the technical force is strong, it is a large rubber products enterprise group company which set the collection scientific research production, the new product research and development, the moldmanufacture, the quality assurance management system as a whole. Founded in 1990, the company believes that society creates wealth, creates opportunities for employees, and creates value for customers. To create first-class management, create first-class technology, create first-class quality, create first-class service for the company's business philosophy. In 2000 the company was accredited by the ISO-9001 International Quality System and the ISO-14001 International Environmental Management System. The credit grade of the company ranks AA."Helijia" brand is a famous trademark in Shandong province.

                The headquarters of the company is located of 2855 Jinghua Avenue,Dezhou Economic Development Zone. With an advantageous geographic located and convenient transport, the company covers a land area of 80,000 square meters and a construction area of 60,000 square meters. The company has established branch companies in Hengshui City ,Hebei Province and the development Zone of Changxing City ,Zhejiang Province, among which the Hengshui Branch covers a land aera of 66,000 square meters and the Changxing Branch covers a land area of 40,000 square meters. We have solved the problem of long-distance transportation of customers in jiangsu and zhejiang provinces, providing more timely delivery and better product quality. Moreover , the company has also establisd offices in Qingdao ,Hefei ,Wuxi, Hangzhou ,Suzhou, Chongqing and Shunde ,which provide convenience for communication and cooperation with clients throughout the country.

                The company owns international advanced rubber injection molding machine 206 units (sets), rubber and plastic vacuum forming machine 8 units (sets), all kinds of plate vulcanizing machine 105 units (sets), sheet extrusion microwave heat curing equipment, cold air feed vacuum exhaust extrusion machine 4 sets, automatic spraying, 3 units (sets) of injection molding machine, CNC machining center 5 units, automatic assembly line 2 rubber mixing equipment, with annual output of more than one million tons of productioncapacity.The company has a physical chemistry analysis and testing center, equipped with 207 sets of advanced experimental equipment.It has established technical researching and cooperative relationship with Beijing Rubber Designing Institute, which offers a guarantee for products quality. 

                The company has established sound business relationships with some large enterprises involved in the production of household electric appliances at home and abroad and has won confrmation and trust from them. Nowadays the company is a designated manufacturer of rubber and plastic products for Haier Group, Hisense Hitachi Air conditioning System Co., Midea Washing Machine Co., Ltd., Little Swan Co., Ltd., Rongshida Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan), Panasonic Home Appliances Co., Ltd. (Japan), Hisense Whirlpool Home Appliances Co., Ltd., Suzhou Samsung Electronic Co., Ltd., Jinling Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., and China National Petroleum Corporation. The products of the company are well sold at home and abroad. The various viewing window pads for washing machines produced by the company are particularly acclaimed by the clients at home and abroad.

                The company has established an alldirectional network platform to fully adapt to the JIT purchasing of clients at home and abroad, which enables the smooth circulation of various information, the best allocation of materials and human resources and the rapid and convenient delivery of various information.

                Looking back to the past the looking into the future, we can see infnite business opportunities. In the progressive course, we would like to join hands with friends from all walks of life and serve our clients with the quality products and reputed service. Mr.Zhang Shunzhen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Zhang Bin, General Manager of the company, sincerely welcome cooperation from both old and news friends from all walks of life.